Mattress Removal Services

No one likes an uncomfortable mattress. If you have one that you’d like to get off your property, be sure to let us know, and our professionals will happily take it off your hands.

Why Our Mattress Removal Services?

Have you ever tried lifting a mattress on your own? If so, then you’re already aware of how difficult it is. It’s not just because of the weight. It’s also because of the floppy nature of the mattress. This sort of work simply requires multiple pairs of hands, and you can get them from Junk Squad! Our local experts won’t just do the work for you—they’ll do it with smiles on their faces. We’re friendly, fast, and committed to satisfying you by removing your mattress without any hassles!

“But how much will it cost?” you might ask. Good question! If you need cheap mattress removal, then choosing a local business such as ours is your best option. Since we don’t have as many operating costs as our franchise competitors, we can offer you a lower mattress removal price. You’ll even get to know what you’re paying from the start thanks to our upfront quotes. It’s just another way we make your life easier!

How Mattress Removal Works
  1. First, we’ll make sure our truck is empty. We want to have plenty of room for you whether you need to get rid of one mattress or a dozen.
  2. Upon our arrival, you can approve our upfront quote and let us get to work! We’ll pick up your mattress and haul it away in no time at all.
  3. Leave it to us to load up our truck. Once we’ve finished our work, we’ll check in with you and make sure you’re satisfied. If you are, we’ll take your payment.
  4. Finally, we’ll take the mattress away so we can dispose of it. Thanks to us, you won’t have to drive any mattresses to local Pennsylvania landfills.

We Can Also Assist with Bed Removal

Junk Squad assists with the removal of all furniture, so if you have a whole bed that needs to go as well as a mattress, let us help you out. After hauling away the mattress and the box spring, we can disassemble the bed frame for you thanks to our large collection of tools. Our team will be able to wrench apart that bed frame in a jiffy, and after that, we’ll pick up all the components. You can also have us remove blankets, pillows, quilts, and sheets. Anything you don’t want will wind up in our truck. How simple is that?

About Us

What makes Junk Squad better than the other junk removal businesses? Well, as a family-owned and locally owned business, we focus on the community more than any of our competitors. That’s why we go the extra mile to delight our customers! We provide same-day and next-day service, and we even provide 24/7 appointments. This means there’s never a bad time to book your mattress removal services!


Call 215-402-7098 or email [email protected] for an instant service quote!