Junk Removal Services in Pottstown, PA

Ever since Pottstown was founded in 1752, people have taken time to clean up their junk. It’s just a part of life! However, since you live in the modern day, you can contact Junk Squad, a full-service junk removal company, for help.

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In the 1800s, Pottstown, PA was able to find economic success through steel production. Did you know that steel forged in Pottstown was later used for the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge? In the present day, Pottstown is now home to all sorts of industries, as well as families. When anyone from Pottstown needs help cleaning up junk, they contact a different kind of industry: the junk removal industry. Our junk removal services in Pottstown, PA are available for your convenience!

But who exactly are we anyway? We’re Junk Squad, a locally owned and operated business. Serving our community is our biggest priority, so if you want to get rid of junk—and all your related worries—then don’t wait to contact us. We can be at your Pottstown location in no time to help you out.

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Why Us for Pottstown Junk Removal?

At Junk Squad, we haul junk so you don’t have to. What are the benefits of this? Well, you can probably already imagine them! Instead of having to spend hours of your free time removing junk from your property alone, you can just let us handle the work in a fraction of the time. Let us save you the sore muscles and backaches associated with this manual labor. We’re happy to do it all for you, and you’ll be able to tell from our friendly demeanors and our smiling faces. We’re serious about delighting our customers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it!

What sort of junk can we take off your hands in Pottstown? We could ramble on and on about it for days, but we’ll give you the short version. In summary, we can remove almost every type of clutter from your property. From heavy furniture and appliances to old decorations and tools to even scattered construction debris, we’re ready to load it onto our truck and take it away. We’ll do whatever it takes to turn your cluttered property in Pottstown into a clean one.

You’ll also appreciate our prices. How do we determine your junk removal cost in Pottstown, PA? That depends on the total volume of the junk you want us to haul away. We’ll be able to estimate this volume at the beginning of your appointment, then provide you with an upfront quote. That way, you’ll know what you’re paying before we’ve even removed the first piece of junk. We will never add hidden fees to your final bill, either!

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Our Pottstown Hauling Process
  1. First things first, you’ll want to actually schedule your appointment! There are two ways to get started. Either contact us online or call us at 954-558-2262.
  2. We’ll give you a 2-hour arrival window so you know when to expect us to show up. We will always be there on time, ready to haul away your unwanted stuff.
  3. Accept our upfront quote, and we’ll load your clutter into our truck one armful after another. We’ll keep an eye out for gently used items that we can donate, too.
  4. Finally, we will need to take your payment. We accept cash, cards, and even wireless transactions on Zelle and Venmo.

Yard Debris Removal Services in Pottstown, PA

As you’ve learned, the team at Junk Squad is more than prepared to remove junk from the interior of your property. However, what about the exterior? Can we clean up front lawns, backyards, and other outdoor spaces? You bet we can! Sometimes, all your junk will take on the form of yard waste. We’re talking about fallen leaves, branches, hedge clippings, and brush. This yard waste can even include dried-up crops, play structures, and lawn decorations. Let us put on our work gloves and take all this debris off your hands. That way, you can truly relax in your yard without having to stress over a mess!

We can even remove stubborn tree stumps for you. That’s right—your tree stump isn’t a permanent fixture of your yard. We can actually dig down to where its roots are, unearth it, and load it onto our truck. Of course, we’ll be sure to also fill in the hole when we’re done.

About Us

Junk Squad is a veteran-owned business that wants to prove to you that the best junk removal services in Pottstown, PA are the ones provided by local experts! Instead of getting nickel-and-dimed by a junk removal franchise, give us a call. You’ll immediately hear the difference when you’re answered by a friendly member of our staff. That same friendliness will be present from the beginning of your appointment to the end.


Call 267-762-3316 or email [email protected] for an instant service quote!