Piano Removal Services

Removing an old piano can be exhausting, so end your day on a high note and let Junk Squad do the work for you!

Efficient Piano Removal Services in the Philadelphia Area

Everyone can appreciate the sound of a beautiful piano piece. That doesn’t mean your home or church’s piano is going to see constant use, though. Eventually, you may even decide that reclaiming the space is more worthwhile than keeping the piano around. What do you do when you decide to get rid of it? If you’re in the Philadelphia Area, call Junk Squad! We’re ready to provide you with a solution to get rid of your old piano today!

Why Our Piano Removal Services?

Pianos aren’t just heavy. They’re hard to maneuver through tight doorways and halls, too. If you’re not careful, a pair of stiff wheels can actually wind up leaving ugly gashes in the floor, too. Want to make sure you avoid potential mishaps? Choose Junk Squad, and our heavy lifting experts have plenty of muscles, but we have the truck space to safely haul it to the nearest donation center. We do it all for a fair price, too!

What is the Piano Removal Cost?

With Junk Squad, our services are volume-based, so you’re only expected to pay for the amount of space your piano takes up in the truck. You won’t be surprised once it’s time to pay the bill because we always you a free, upfront quote at the start of your appointment. Whether you have an upright piano or a grand piano, we will quote you a fair and honest price.

How It Works
  1. Reach out. Book online and let us know what sort of piano you want to get rid of and any details about where it’s located.
  2. Arrival. On the day of you appointment you’ll receive a courtesy call from us letting you know we’re nearby. We’ll be there right on time with an empty truck that’s ready for your piano.
  3. Show us your piano. Once we arrive, show us the piano! We’ll give you a free quote for the final cost. If you’re on board with the cost, leave us some space to carefully move your piano out of the door and onto our truck.
  4. Payment and disposal. We’ve finally got your piano on the truck and we’ll accept your payment of the price quoted before. We’ll then head out to drop your piano off at a nearby donation center.

Removing Pianos from Churches and Schools in the Philadelphia Area

Removing a piano from a church or school may seem tricky, but when you hire Junk Squad for the job, we’ll thoroughly remove any items you no longer want. Need to get rid of those chairs or pews, too? Count on us to make quick work of them. We can also haul away old music books and other instruments, such as organs, xylophones, drumsets, and more. Whether you’re having us clean out a sanctuary, a band classroom, or a music venue, we’ll work quickly and safely.

About Us

As a locally owned junk removal company, there’s nothing we pride ourselves on more than our top-notch customer service. There’s a reason why our team is always sharply dressed, smiling, and excited to meet you. It’s because every appointment we take on is an opportunity to delight one of our neighbors. Whether you need piano removal services or something else from us, expect a five-star experience. That’s what we’re highly rated online, after all!


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