Playset Removal Services

If you need to get rid of a playset, contact Junk Squad, and we’ll be there soon to take it away.


It’s hard to keep kids entertained for long. Something that they were obsessed with can quickly become abandoned as new interests introduce themselves. Combine that with the fact that kids grow up fast, and you just might wind up with an unused playset. Want to get rid of it and replace it with a garden, fire pit, or pool? Schedule playset removal services from Junk Squad, and you’ll be on the fast track toward something new! We are based in the Philadelphia Area so we can be there in a jiffy to help you out.

Why Our Playset Removal Services?

No matter where your playset is, they all have something in common. They’re all difficult to get rid of. That’s because, in many cases, special tools are required for the work, including saws, electric screwdrivers, and pry bars. Not only does the team at Junk Squad have all these pieces of equipment, but we also have playset removal experience. Count on us to make your play equipment vanish in no time. From swing set removal to slide removal and even jungle gym removal, we do it all so you don’t have to!

Can you believe we get the work done for a fair playset removal cost, too? At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll calculate the amount of labor we’ll provide, as well as the amount of truck space the playset will use up. Once we’ve determined these factors, we’ll be able to give you an upfront quote. This quote tells you the final cost of our services—no hidden fees!

Junk Squad team members smiling and ready to take apart a playset
How Playset Removal Works
  1. At Junk Squad, we’ll pack up our tools, round up our team, and hop in our truck. Then, we’ll drive over to your location, ensuring that we are always on time.
  2. After checking out the playset and playground equipment, we’ll determine the best way to go about removing it all. Planning ahead is the key to success at Junk Squad.
  3. We’ll remove everything shortly afterwards, breaking out our equipment so we can disassemble and demolish structures as necessary. We clean up fast!
  4. Now that the playset is gone and you’re left with free space, we’ll be able to accept your payment and go. We’ll dispose of all the debris after your appointment.

Swing Set Removal in the Philadelphia Area

A big swing set might seem like a tough item to remove. This is especially true if the entire structure is made of metal. However, that won’t stop the team at Junk Squad. Even if those bolts are completely rusted and seemingly impossible to wrench away, we have reciprocating saws that can cut clean through steel. We can reduce wooden and metal swing sets into small pieces within minutes. Then, we can load those pieces onto our truck, leaving you with zero traces of the swing set!

About Us

Junk Squad is more than just a locally owned and operated business. We’re a 24/7 business, too! That’s right—if you need playset removal services or any other junk removal services, there’s never a bad time to schedule your appointment. We can serve you in the morning, the evening, or even the dead of night. If it means making you satisfied, there’s no limit to what we’ll do!


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